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Happy Howlidays!!!

So, the blog has been kinda quiet lately, but Boomie wanted to wish our 3 loyal readers a Merry Christmas!!  This year, we got an early start on the annual holiday photo. You may or may not remember photos past – not pretty!

But this year, I pulled out my secret weapon – Cheerios!!! And just look at the great poses little Boomie Zoolander gave:

It was hard to pick a winner!!

We’ve had lots of snow for Boomie to romp around in, which he loves.  Unfortunately, he’s had to wear a sweater, which he hates!! But, doesn’t he look so handsome??

Happy Holidays!!!!!



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Brandywine Love

So, I realized that the last several posts (as rare as they were) have all been about the most wonderful doggie in the world – Boomer! But there has actually been knitting going on as well! For reals!!

And so I present…The Brandywine Shawl! (please excuse the not-fabulous photos)

Here’s the info:

Pattern: Brandywine Shawl, by Rosemary “Romi” Hill

Yarn: Heritage Paints by Cascade Yarns, in Thunder Colourway (75% Merino, 25% Nylon)

Needles: US Size 6 (used size 8 for the bind off)

Mods: NONE!!!  🙂

Size:  After blocking – 47″ across x 22″ down the center (pre-blocking size 35″x17″)

New Skills Learned: Did an I-cord bind off as per the instructions. Very time-consuming, but so worth the effort!! Also, first time using lace blocking wires – how did I live without them before?!?

I loved loved loved knitting this up! The pattern is awesome, and I actually knit it, washed and blocked it – all in about 10 days. Super fast for super slow me! I will so be knitting this again – maybe very very soon!

I wouldn’t normally have chosen these colors, but it was knit as a gift for a birthday swap. And all knit up, the different blues and grays really seem to compliment the overall pattern. You can really see the colors well in this photo I took before the shawl was blocked.

Brandywine pre-blocking


A few other things have come off the needles, but I’ll save those for another day. For now I will leave you with this sweet little face, because, let’s face it, it’s what keeps you coming back for more!!


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So, yeah, it’s been a while, but I realized that I owed my three faithful readers a little update on what Boomie and I have been up to!

Spring is finally here, and Boomie couldn’t be happier. Springtime means much longer walks and lots of new stuff to smell!

This year, Springtime also meant Road Trip!!  When I first told little Boom-Boom that we would be going on a road trip, he wasn’t too sure how he felt about the idea – he’s not the biggest fan of being in the car. But after some convincing, he gave me his best “I’m not so sure about this, but I’ll trust you look”.  And with that, I packed up the car and away we went!

We had some fun, and Boomie made a great new friend. Her name is Sparrow, and she is a 2-year-old Border Terrier. She lives in Austin, and (next to my doggie, of course) is the sweetest little thing!! Boomer could not get enough of the little cutie pie!

With so much going on during our trip – new doggies, new places, new people – Boomie did not get a lot of sleep, which of course means I didn’t either. We were both pretty pooped when we got back, and so happy to be in our own home once again!


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So, as I mentioned in our last post, Boomie got a new bed from Santa.  Originally, he was more than a little wary of his new gift, but I assumed he’d get over it, and would see how much better his new bed was compared to his old one.  Hasn’t happened!

Pretty much the only way he would get into his new bed is if I bribed him with some Cheerios.  And then he would only sit or lay in it for about 30 seconds and then jump right back out.

So, before I brought his old bed back out for good, I decided to place both beds side-by-side for a few days and see which one he really preferred. 


After catching him sleeping in his old, ratty, patched up bed a few times, I finally got the hint! 

New bed out, and old bed back in!

I think he’s relieved that I at least didn’t mess with his favorite napping spot.

But, as always, his most favorite bed is mine!


ps – Happy B-day Tegger! We love you like crazy!!

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Happy Holidays!

So, yes, it’s been a while since we’ve posted, but we’re back – and hopefully (but don’t hold me to it) with more frequency in the new year!

Not a whole lot to catch up on, but Boomie wanted to wish everyone a very Merry Christmas!!

Since he has been such an awesomely good boy this year, Santa brought him a new doggie bed!  He’s still getting used to it (I saved his old bed, just in case!).

We also received a new Christmas addition to the family — a big ol’ ceramic polar bear! It’s about as big as Boomer, and weighs just a bit more.  It’s pretty funny to watch Boomie’s reaction to it – I think he thinks it’s a new doggie that doesn’t move.  He’s kinda been keeping a safe distance since it arrived, but I have caught him giving it a sniff or two.  We’re currently mulling over some names for the new bear!

Of course one thing around here has not changed at all — Nap Time!!!


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So, as I’ve mentioned a time or two already, Boomer is not a fan of wearing clothes of any kind, especially costumes! But, he was a good sport and let me dress him in a sporty Halloween sweater, and after bribing him with some Cheerios, even modeled it for me!

Happy Halloween!!


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BoomBoom wanted to share his week at Sleepaway Camp with you, so he is taking over this post!


Woof-woof, and Hi!!! Recently, Knitty went on vacation, and I got to spend a fun-filled week at Auntie Lisa’s Krazy Kitty’s Sleep Away Camp! And boy, did I have a great time!! I want to give a Meowy shout out to my new best friends, Theodore and Anderson!!

Here are Anderson and I after a long day of play –  that guy wore me out!!

At one point,  Theodore was put in the Camp Jail, so I stopped by during visiting hours to let him know I would be busting him out later that day!

During my week at Camp, I got lots and lots of long walkies and plenty of treats! I got to sample some yummy cat food on the sly, and the kittys got to try out some of my delish doggie food. And, who knew, cats are really fun! Maybe now I won’t be so quick to bark at the invisible one that lives in our fire-place! I still hate squirrels!!  Woof!!

Auntie Lisa found out that it’s not always easy to snap a great photo of me, but I feel like she captured my essence in my official camp picture.

Now, I’m not exactly sure where Knitty went on her vacation. She originally told me she was spending a week at the groomers, but I’m beginning to think that she was making that up so that I would not want to go with her. Normally I want to spend every moment with Knitty and never leave her side, but I HATE THE GROOMERS!!! So I was fine with not going.

I’m now starting to think that she was never at the groomers. It’s been ruff getting a straight answer out of her, but all I know is she came home exhausted, and all her stuff smelled like the ocean. Then, when I was rummaging through her camera, I came across some interesting pics…

Doesn’t look like any groomers I’ve ever been to. But not to worry, I’m on the case and will figure it out!! But first, I’m still trying to catch up on all my rest from my most exciting week ever!!


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