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So, as I mentioned in our last post, Boomie got a new bed from Santa.  Originally, he was more than a little wary of his new gift, but I assumed he’d get over it, and would see how much better his new bed was compared to his old one.  Hasn’t happened!

Pretty much the only way he would get into his new bed is if I bribed him with some Cheerios.  And then he would only sit or lay in it for about 30 seconds and then jump right back out.

So, before I brought his old bed back out for good, I decided to place both beds side-by-side for a few days and see which one he really preferred. 


After catching him sleeping in his old, ratty, patched up bed a few times, I finally got the hint! 

New bed out, and old bed back in!

I think he’s relieved that I at least didn’t mess with his favorite napping spot.

But, as always, his most favorite bed is mine!


ps – Happy B-day Tegger! We love you like crazy!!


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