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BoomBoom wanted to share his week at Sleepaway Camp with you, so he is taking over this post!


Woof-woof, and Hi!!! Recently, Knitty went on vacation, and I got to spend a fun-filled week at Auntie Lisa’s Krazy Kitty’s Sleep Away Camp! And boy, did I have a great time!! I want to give a Meowy shout out to my new best friends, Theodore and Anderson!!

Here are Anderson and I after a long day of play –  that guy wore me out!!

At one point,  Theodore was put in the Camp Jail, so I stopped by during visiting hours to let him know I would be busting him out later that day!

During my week at Camp, I got lots and lots of long walkies and plenty of treats! I got to sample some yummy cat food on the sly, and the kittys got to try out some of my delish doggie food. And, who knew, cats are really fun! Maybe now I won’t be so quick to bark at the invisible one that lives in our fire-place! I still hate squirrels!!  Woof!!

Auntie Lisa found out that it’s not always easy to snap a great photo of me, but I feel like she captured my essence in my official camp picture.

Now, I’m not exactly sure where Knitty went on her vacation. She originally told me she was spending a week at the groomers, but I’m beginning to think that she was making that up so that I would not want to go with her. Normally I want to spend every moment with Knitty and never leave her side, but I HATE THE GROOMERS!!! So I was fine with not going.

I’m now starting to think that she was never at the groomers. It’s been ruff getting a straight answer out of her, but all I know is she came home exhausted, and all her stuff smelled like the ocean. Then, when I was rummaging through her camera, I came across some interesting pics…

Doesn’t look like any groomers I’ve ever been to. But not to worry, I’m on the case and will figure it out!! But first, I’m still trying to catch up on all my rest from my most exciting week ever!!



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Puppy Love

So, about a month ago, I wanted to find a quick little pattern to knit up for a birthday gift, and came across this little cutie (the pattern, not the doggie)!

It’s the “Winged Heart Tatoo”, and only took a weekend for me to knit up. Yay – I’m a slow knitter!!



The stats:

Pattern: Winged Heart Tatoo, by Annie Purls

Yarn: Lion Brand Wool-Ease (red) and Sugar & Cream Cotton (yellow)

Needles: Susan Bates size US4

Mods: Let’s see…as you can see, my Winged Heart Tatoo has no wings – they came out really, really crappy. So, my Heart does not fly. I think that’s okay! Also, I stuffed my Heart with cotton balls instead of polyfill, and it came out a little lumpy and wonky looking, but, whatever, it has character! Lastly, I made my Heart taller, rather than wider. I thought it would look a little better, but I think I was wrong. Now I know for next time! 🙂

I guess all that really matters is that the recipient liked it (or at least was kind enough to tell me they did), and it passed the Boomie test!


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