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FO Friday

So, even though I took quite a long hiatus from posting (8 months or so), I was still knitting away. And, since it’s Friday, I figured it was a good day to show off some of my FO’s (finished objects).

This past holiday season, I decided to knit hats for people. They’re quick to knit up, and who couldn’t use something to keep their noggin warm from time to time?

First up, the Button Tab Hats! I knit three of these little cuties:

As I’ve mentioned several times, I’m kinda a slow knitter, but I was able to knit up one of these hats in about 2 days.


Pattern: Button-Tab Hat (ravelrylink), by Marcie Nishoka

Yarn: Plymouth Encore Worsted (purple & red hats) and Cascade 220 (blue/green hat)

Needles: Susan Bates Silvalume 16″ circs, Size 7US

Mods: Not a single one! Although you can’t tell from just looking at the hats, the buttons are purely ornamental. They’re simply sewn on, rather than fastened through a button hole.


Next we have the oh-so awesome Fountain Hats! Two of these came off the needles:

I love, love, love how these hats turned out! Not too much like a beret, more like a tam style hat – I will sooo be making one for myself before Fall comes around again!


Pattern: Fountain Hat, by Katie Himmelberg

Yarn: Both of these were knit up with Koigu KPPM Merino (the photos do not do the colors justice. one is a gorgeous jade green, and the other is a lovely lilac color)

Needles: Susan Bates Silvalume 16″ circs, Size 4US

Mods: Again, none!


And last up of the hats, two Turn a Square hats:

I’m overall pretty pleased with how these came out, but I did have some issues with my color changes on the striped hat. As you can see, I got my yarn kinda twisted when I did my color change rounds. I didn’t really notice how bad they were until I had alreay cast off.


Pattern: Turn a Square (ravelry link), by Jared Flood aka Brooklyn Tweed

Yarn: Patons Classic Wool (both hats) and Plymouth Encore Worsted for the red stripes

Needles: Susan Bates Silvalume 16″ circs, Size 7US

Mods: Just a few. I did not go up a needle size after the ribbing, I didn’t want the ribbing to be too tight. Also, on one hat I did not place any stripes, and on the hat that does have stripes, I made them much wider that the pattern calls for.

So, that just about does it for the hats. Next time up, I’ll post some other FO’s!



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Springtime weather can be tricky! For example, this is how the week began:

Yes, that’s snow in April!

And this is where we are today:

75 degrees and sunny!

Boomie trying to sniff out the family of bunnies that live in the rock wall.


But whether it’s snowing or sunny, Boomie always makes sure he has his afternoon nap time! woof

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New Home

For my 3 loyal readers: Welcome to our new Blog Home! I wasn’t super thrilled with our last blog server, so we switched.

Yes, it’s been quite a while since I last posted. So just to catch you up in a hurry….

I’m still knitting:

And Boomer is still cute-ing it up:

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