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Lost and Found

During one of his many patrols of the Living Room, Boomie ran across a long forgotten chewie he had hidden in his bed. After dusting it off, he closely inspected it to make sure it still met his particular needs.
After determining that it still fit nicely between his paws for maximum leverage, he gave it a closer inspection, smelling it from every angle…

Seems it passed the test – let the chewing commence!


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Time Flies….

…when nothing too noteworthy is going on!

There actually has been some knitting going on, as well as lots and lots of Boomer-ific antics! For now, however, we have just a small sampling of what we’ve been up to the last week or so.

I cast on for a new project – my first adult sized sweater, thank you very much. So far, so good. And just to make sure all my duckies were in a row, I even swatched for the correct gauge in both stockinette and in the cable pattern – yay me!

Not only did I knit my swatches – I washed and blocked them to make sure the yarn didn’t do anything to weird once I was done…..duck, duck, duck –all in a row!

After the swatches had dried, Boomie was a little concerned that they were not quite the right size (he has a pathological mistrust of tape measures and rulers), so he insisted on inspecting them himself. He’s such a good little helper!
They seemed to taste all right, and smell okay.

Yup – they got the Official Boomer Seal of Approval. Knitting the sweater could now officially commence!!

I have completed a couple of other projects (both Boomer & knitting related) in the last, ahem, 4 months, but will save them for another time.

For now I leave you with this:

…because he’s so dang cute!!! Woof!

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