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So, for the last few holiday seasons, I’ve sent out holiday cards with Boomie’s photo on them. They always turn out pretty good – how could they not? But, unfortunately, I’m a super procrastinator. A week before Christmas, I still hadn’t ordered my holiday cards, mainly because I hadn’t taken Boomer’s holiday photo yet. So, obviously, a little winter time photo shoot was in order, and what’s a photo shoot without…wardrobe!!!

As I think I’ve mentioned before, Boomer’s not a big fan of wearing clothes. He prefers to be “au naturale”, but I was determined to get a couple of good shots of him in his “outfit”.

Here’s the best of what I was able to capture:

First up, we have Sneery Christmas:

And Happy-wait till I get my paws on you-Holidays:

And of course, Feliz “Oh the Humanity” Navidad!

So, fine, I gave up, took off the offending items, and was able to catch my sweet little Boomala in his most natural state: sweet, fluffy and freshly napped!!!

Happy New Year!! Woof!

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