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So, I’ve had this basket of yarn sitting around for a few months now, just waiting to be made into something awesome. I’ve perused patterns; spent many an hour on Ravelry; checked out way too many knitting books from the library, when I finally found it! A project that may not be “awesome”, but is definitely silly, fun, and within my meager skill level!

Since I’m making this as a gift for someone, I can’t really divulge too much info, so from here on, I’ll be referring to said project as “Project Penguin 2.0 (or PP2.0)”.

Here is some of the Knit Picks yarn I used for PP2.0. Isn’t it lovely?

Here are some random completed pieces of PP2.0.

Hmm, what could it possibly be?? Could it be:

  • a) some legwarmers for Boomie
  • b) an army of finger puppet minions to do my bidding
  • c) fashionable maternity wear for expectant garden snakes
  • d) all or none of the above

Don’t worry – I’ll be revealing the big mystery very soon! It’s just killing ya, isn’t it??

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