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Clearing the decks

When I first starting out knitting, I made a promise to myself to do only one project at a time. In the beginning, it was easy to keep this promise to myself, as I was only doing scarves, dish cloths, and maybe a hat along the way. But the more confident I become, and the more skills I learn, I am now finding myself with more than a few projects on the needles. That long ago promise has been smashed to bits, and I really don’t feel too badly about it!
But now, it’s starting to become a small problem. Besides just developing a love for knitting, I have also developed a love for reading knitting-related items. Magazines, knitting books from the library, other knitter’s blogs, and the mother of all time stealers and knitting inspiration – Ravelry! Just thinking about all of the projects I can’t wait to start, makes my head spin, and I get a little anxious. And, of course, we all know the best way to ease that anxiety – Knit more!!

So, this weekend, I decided to take a realistic look at what exactlyI have on the needles, and what I’d like to finish in the forseeable future, and it’s not sooo bad – a couple of very very very late holiday gifties, a baby shower coming up in a couple of months, a promised item or two – then it’s all wide open, and I can start fresh!
I love that there’s always something new to start, and really no end in sight as to what I can do with some needles and yarn.


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