Happy Howlidays!!!

So, the blog has been kinda quiet lately, but Boomie wanted to wish our 3 loyal readers a Merry Christmas!!  This year, we got an early start on the annual holiday photo. You may or may not remember photos past – not pretty!

But this year, I pulled out my secret weapon – Cheerios!!! And just look at the great poses little Boomie Zoolander gave:

It was hard to pick a winner!!

We’ve had lots of snow for Boomie to romp around in, which he loves.  Unfortunately, he’s had to wear a sweater, which he hates!! But, doesn’t he look so handsome??

Happy Holidays!!!!!




So, summer is over. And so is my summer fling! Yes, I had what you might call a brief romance with a Merino-Silk blend. Oh, did I not mention that the fling was with a shawl? Silly me.

Let me break it down for you…..

It started one June weekend when I received the most delicious skein of yarn in the mail – the product of a Ravelry swap. I knew from the moment I laid eyes on it, it was something special. Of course, something so lovely deserved the perfect pattern to compliment its loveliness, and I had just the pattern in mind.

And so the story goes from simple skein….

To the beginning of something special….

To having the knitting completed, but still needing blocking….

To a leisurely bath in some Citrus Soak….

To being pinned out and blocked to its full potential….

To being the sweetest, most lovely shawl that I could ever hope to spend a summer knitting!!

The stats:

Pattern: Budding Apple by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Petal by Lisa Souza (50% silk, 50% wool), in the ‘Breath of Spring’ colorway

Needles: US4 & US5, 24″ circulars

Modifications: The pattern called for the last 10 stitches to be grafted; I just did left and right slanting decreases to the last 2 stitches, then bound off as normal. I love, love, love how this turned out – can ya tell?

Size: I made the medium-sized shawl. After blocking: 46″ across x 21″ down the center (pre-blocked size: 33″x16.5″)

But, let me just say, I’m not the only one that’s smitten around here. Boomie has a new best bud that he’s been taking everywhere with him lately. He’s a turtle that I’ve named Turtle (original, huh?).

Pretty much where ever Boomie is these days, chances are Turtle is with him.

Now I have two little fellows waiting for me when I get home!


So, I finished up my second ’12 in 2011′  item last month, and when I originally put my list of 12 items together, I had a specific person in mind for this little number.

May I present, the Aria Delicato!

I cannot begin to relate how much I loved knitting this scarf! The designer is unbelievably amazing and talented, the pattern was so clear and well written, the yarn I used was so scrummy to work with, and the end results were beyond my expectations! I was actually kinda bummed when the knitting was done.

The stats:

Pattern: Aria Delicato by Anne Hanson

Yarn: Knit Picks Gloss Fingering Weight (70% Merino, 30% Silk) in the color ‘Sea Spray”

Needles: US Size 3

Mods: The only mod I made was I did 41 repeats of the lace pattern instead of the 38 the pattern called for.

Size: After blocking – 8″ wide x 47″ long (pre-blocking size – 5.25″x33″)

Even without being stretched out, I really liked how the pattern was coming along as I was knitting –  it could almost be worn without washing and blocking it. This is the perfect spring/summer/early fall scarf. It is so lightweight and delicate, it adds just enough warmth to make a chilly evening comfortable.

Before washing and blocking


After washing and blocking

I’m just so thrilled with this little project (can ya tell), and even more pleased it came out so well, because the recipient is someone very sweet. Teensie is my Poppa’s special traveling companion, and has become someone very special to us all (and I can’t wait to meet her!!).

Poppa & Teensie (how cute are they??)

 Here’s hoping that this little scarf keeps her warm when the evenings are cool this summer.


12 in 2011

So, here it is, May 1st, and I’m just now getting around to talking about some New Year’s Knitting Goals that I have for myself. Turns out,  I tend to get distracted somewhat easily, and forget about what I originally intended to do. To combat this, I resolved that this year, I would try to be a little more organized and realistic in my knitting endeavors.

At the end of last year, I joined a new group on Ravelry called “12 in 2011”. The basic  function of the group is to encourage its members to do 12 projects in 2011 – preferably ones that you already have yarn for in the stash. Or maybe, some new techniques that you haven’t tried yet. Or even still, some long languishing works-in-progress that you would like to get finished up.

My game plan for my “12 in 2011”, is to  a) tackle some projects that I already have the yarn for, or b) that I have been putting off starting for one reason or another.  This will, I’m hoping, also encourage me to finally try some new techniques that I’ve yet to learn, such as some Fair Isle/color stranding work, more lace projects, and my first pair of socks. 

Back in January, I sorted through all the different projects and patterns I had earmarked on Ravelry to come up with my list of 12. I posted my list to the group, and started going through and sorting my  yarn stash (another post for another day!). I printed up my patterns, matched them with the yarn I wanted to use for them, and put together little project bags.

The “12 in 2011” system, for me so far, is working out great! I didn’t start knitting my list until March (I had some other projects I wanted to finish up first), and I’ve already completed two items (the first was the Brandywine Shawl from my last post), and have cast on for my third!

My project bin


And, of course, I have Boomie’s full support –as long as my goal doesn’t interfere with his walkies or belly scratches! Priorities…


Brandywine Love

So, I realized that the last several posts (as rare as they were) have all been about the most wonderful doggie in the world – Boomer! But there has actually been knitting going on as well! For reals!!

And so I present…The Brandywine Shawl! (please excuse the not-fabulous photos)

Here’s the info:

Pattern: Brandywine Shawl, by Rosemary “Romi” Hill

Yarn: Heritage Paints by Cascade Yarns, in Thunder Colourway (75% Merino, 25% Nylon)

Needles: US Size 6 (used size 8 for the bind off)

Mods: NONE!!!  🙂

Size:  After blocking – 47″ across x 22″ down the center (pre-blocking size 35″x17″)

New Skills Learned: Did an I-cord bind off as per the instructions. Very time-consuming, but so worth the effort!! Also, first time using lace blocking wires – how did I live without them before?!?

I loved loved loved knitting this up! The pattern is awesome, and I actually knit it, washed and blocked it – all in about 10 days. Super fast for super slow me! I will so be knitting this again – maybe very very soon!

I wouldn’t normally have chosen these colors, but it was knit as a gift for a birthday swap. And all knit up, the different blues and grays really seem to compliment the overall pattern. You can really see the colors well in this photo I took before the shawl was blocked.

Brandywine pre-blocking


A few other things have come off the needles, but I’ll save those for another day. For now I will leave you with this sweet little face, because, let’s face it, it’s what keeps you coming back for more!!


So, yeah, it’s been a while, but I realized that I owed my three faithful readers a little update on what Boomie and I have been up to!

Spring is finally here, and Boomie couldn’t be happier. Springtime means much longer walks and lots of new stuff to smell!

This year, Springtime also meant Road Trip!!  When I first told little Boom-Boom that we would be going on a road trip, he wasn’t too sure how he felt about the idea – he’s not the biggest fan of being in the car. But after some convincing, he gave me his best “I’m not so sure about this, but I’ll trust you look”.  And with that, I packed up the car and away we went!

We had some fun, and Boomie made a great new friend. Her name is Sparrow, and she is a 2-year-old Border Terrier. She lives in Austin, and (next to my doggie, of course) is the sweetest little thing!! Boomer could not get enough of the little cutie pie!

With so much going on during our trip – new doggies, new places, new people – Boomie did not get a lot of sleep, which of course means I didn’t either. We were both pretty pooped when we got back, and so happy to be in our own home once again!


So, as I mentioned in our last post, Boomie got a new bed from Santa.  Originally, he was more than a little wary of his new gift, but I assumed he’d get over it, and would see how much better his new bed was compared to his old one.  Hasn’t happened!

Pretty much the only way he would get into his new bed is if I bribed him with some Cheerios.  And then he would only sit or lay in it for about 30 seconds and then jump right back out.

So, before I brought his old bed back out for good, I decided to place both beds side-by-side for a few days and see which one he really preferred. 


After catching him sleeping in his old, ratty, patched up bed a few times, I finally got the hint! 

New bed out, and old bed back in!

I think he’s relieved that I at least didn’t mess with his favorite napping spot.

But, as always, his most favorite bed is mine!


ps – Happy B-day Tegger! We love you like crazy!!